My Rockstar


My friend Big Gray, aka “BG”, is the lead in a band of mousers called the “Barn Cat Crew”.   The Crew has a regular gig and performs daily at the farm.  They are the best protein powered pest control that money, or rather a can of meat and some kibble, can buy!

Like many rockstars, BG has rules about how others are to interact with him.  No touching, except on the tail, or on the tip of the nose, if you are so inclined to bend down and touch yours to his.  He will pet you by rubbing his face on your boots, thank you very much.  Catching him relaxing between sets, I was able to get this fan girl snap of me with him.

I love BG.  Not just because he’s a sweet man in tough guy disguise who does important work on the farm, or because he always greets me happily (interaction rules notwithstanding), but also because he inspires me with his enthusiastic approach to what he does every day.

This is BG shortly after diving in to take care of some business.

Rock on BG!  May we all know joy in our life’s work.